The Best HBO Max Original shows to stream Now

Best HBO Max original shows

HBO Max has been putting out some of the best original shows this year, from the new game of thrones series to the teen drama euphoria. Also there will be some titles that are originally from HBO but since they’re available on HBO Max I grouped them together. While we should expect a larger variety once HBO’s and discovery’s merger is complete, here are some of the best HBO Max original shows to stream.



Number of Episodes: 16 (S1-S2)

Genre: Drama

Following the life of a troubled teen named Rue, who struggles with her addiction which has affected her family greatly. Even after rehab she doesn’t plan on staying sober. We also get to look at the lives of other troubled teens around her circle, from eccentric parties to their day to day struggles. And in case you don’t like too much sexual content when trying to watch a show, you may want to skip this one.

Game of Thrones/House of the Dragon


Number of Episodes: GOT 76 (S1-S8)/ HoD 10 (S1)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

From the best selling book series “A song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R Martin, HBO delivered us an epic medieval series. Its amazing storytelling depicts the lives of two powerful families and their desire to sit atop of the Iron Throne. Along with the eight seasons it has, there’s also the House of Dragon spin off serving as a prequel to the original. Additionally, like many of HBO’s originals this one has several mature and graphic scenes; none however compare to movies like SAW if that’s your concern.

Doom Patrol


Number of Episodes: 46 (S1-S4)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Following the lives of traumatized and oppressed team of superheroes, Doom Patrol brings these oddballs together to solve strange phenomena around the world. With the team also having been through terrible accidents which have granted them superhuman abilities, they must learn how to cope with their past. While this show does touch upon some deep topics, it keeps a good balance between serious and comedic moments perfectly.



Number of Episodes: 33 (S1-S4)

Genre: Superhero, Drama

From the DC universe, HBO’s Titans brings us a dark and gritty take on the popular group of young superheroes. centering around Dick Grayson once a sidekick to Batman, Raven a girl possessed by an unknown darkness, Beastboy the charismatic one, and the bad ass alien Starfire. we get to see this group of young heroes band together as a family, finding their purpose while fighting against evil.

The White Lotus


Number of Episodes: 13 (S1-S2)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

HBO’s The White Lotus is an anthology series following the guests and employees staying at the fictional resort. Here we see each one of these characters try to relax and enjoy their one week vacation. However, through each day we get to see more of each one of their dysfunctional personalities in the light. This goes for both the employees and the locals in the area as well.

His Dark Materials


Number of Episodes: 23 (S1-S3)

Genre: Fantasy, Drama

Based off the trilogy of fantasy novels of the same name, His Dark Materials tells the story of a young girl named Lyra who lives in a parallel world. Here humans souls exist outside of the body in animal form known as daemons. Although, this world is also controlled by religious leaders known as the Magisterium who represses both the magic and spirit animal connections to the people. Destined to liberate these people, Lyra sets off on an adventure for a better world.

Tokyo Vice


Number of Episodes: 8 (S1)

Genre: Crime

Following the american journalist, Jake Adelstein, we delve into the neon life of 90’s Tokyo. Based off of real-life memoirs about Jakes actual time in Japan, we get to see him joining the Tokyo’s police squad as a crime reporter. However, as he tries to uncover the real side of the city; he finds himself with enemies wanting to keep him silent.



Number of Episodes: 24 (S1-S3)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

When a low-level hitman Barry Berkman starts to lose interest in his job he tries to find a way out. After setting out for another target at LA who happens to be getting too comfortable with a mobsters wife, he ends up finding an escape from his hitman life. Now at an acting class where his target is he discovers an interesting group of people; especially the student Sally who Barry has become infatuated with. However, his life as a hitman isn’t over till his handler Fusches says so.

These are only a few select titles that have kept me interested these past few years, with many yet to come this year. I’ll also be keeping this post updated as we get more quality titles at HBO Max. In case you have any other suggestions please share them in the comments below.