The Best Movie & TV Streaming Services For You

These past two years we have seen a big boost in streaming services due to the lockdowns, as well as some movies heading straight to streaming instead of theatres. Because of this, there has been a surge in competition with more streaming services being created or merged with one another. Although, this has only created a situation where most people have to join more than one service to get all the content they’re looking for.

In this post I’ll be giving a review on each one, based off both pricing and the content it provides. Depending off your personal interests in genres and other features including your budget, you can narrow down which streaming platform is best for you. Now if you’re looking into anime more there is a separate article just for that here in The Best Place to Stream Your Favorite Anime.

Amazon Prime


$15/month or $139 per year which includes free shipping on the Amazon site. Or go for the $9/month video-only option.

If you’re looking for the platform that has the most in bulk then amazon is the one for you, with over 25,000 in movies and shows to watch. Now most of these movies are not the best however, because of the vast library amazon has it makes up for it by having some great movies that you can’t stream anywhere else. Exclusively they have had great success with their two biggest shows recently in The Boys, and the Invincible, as well as having any new universal movies added 4 months after they land on peacock.

Even though amazon has the deepest library in movies and shows, it doesn’t mean it has the highest quality of titles. Since most of the newest mainstream shows are on other platforms like Netflix or HBO max, the only pros to prime video is getting access to some classics that you might not find anywhere else. In conclusion, if you’re looking for some nice classic movies or certain exclusive shows then prime video is for you. On the other hand if watching the latest shows or movies is more your thing, then checking out some other platforms would be the best option.

Apple TV+

Price: $5/month



Honestly, one of the only pros I have found when using Apple TV + was the price, its video quality and the few titles that interested me. Other than that it’s not a service that’s worth keeping more than a month or two. Especially with other platforms offering way more and better with just an extra $5 or $10. People are already having to get more than one service for the content they enjoy so adding this one is definitely not worth it just yet. Once Apple can expand the library or offer some more interesting exclusives, it can soon start being a contender.

Getting Apple TV+ would only be worth it if you got the money to add another service or just want to watch a certain show.

Disney +


Disney only: $8/month (ads), $11/month (no ads), Disney bundle w Hulu and ESPN+: $10/month(with ads Disney & Hulu only), $13/month(trio basic w ads), $20/month(trio premium no ads except for espn+)

Disney + is a solid streaming platform that houses almost everyone of our favorite classic movies as a kid. Though other than the movies & TV shows of marvel and star wars that are coming out there isn’t much else. The price isn’t bad however, like most other services they plan on adding an ad supported plan for the same price, while the current plan without them raises to $11/month.

If you’re trying to stay within a budget then I would suggest going for the bundle plan with Hulu and espn+, or just try a completely different service.

Hulu and Live TV


Hulu only with ads $7/month, $15/month without ads, Hulu + Live TV also now includes the bundle plan as $70/month with ads on both Hulu and Disney+ while the $83/month offers no ads on both services.

Hulu has been rather disappointing in the streaming battle recently with not having a good enough library to compete. It doesn’t really excel in a certain genre of movies or shows, nor does it offer any intriguing exclusives to viewers. Although, Hulu with the live tv plan helps it a lot more with the 75 channels it adds from all the biggest broadcast channels in almost every market.

Hulu alone does not offer anything close to what other streaming platforms get you. However, if you’re looking for a platform to replace your cable services with the best channels out there then Hulu + Live TV will work for you.



$10/month for one screen and SD video, $15.50/month two screens with HD video, and finally $20/month four screens with 4k video.

Netflix has still managed to stay atop the streaming war these past few years, yet it’s taken a few big hits from customers unsubscribing due to prices increasing. Another main reason is due to the lack of new and exciting titles coming to Netflix, with only stranger things and other few originals making up for the bleak library. This is especially common when it comes to people who have stuck around only to keep seeing the same old titles being displayed. The last concerning detail that might bring Netflix down further is its plan to bring an ad supported plan.

This news alone has sparked a lot of controversy and concern for current subscribers as it takes away the only pro Netflix had against any other service. In order to follow through with this, Netflix must work on getting better exclusive content to keep subscribers from leaving. If you’re a current subscriber I’d recommend to stay put till they do release their ad plan, especially if you want to keep binge watching till November 1.

Paramount +


$5/month or $50 annually with ads, $10/month or $100 annually without.

Paramount + is the best place to watch all your favorite CBS channels especially as a sports fan this service is definitely the best one to get. Prices are also not that bad, especially when all new paramount movies coming from theatres hit the platform after the 45-day window or longer depending on the movie.

Paramount + is a great addition if you enjoy both sports and the chance to watch the newest blockbusters from paramount first.



$10/month or $100 annually with ads, $15/month or $150 annually

HBO max has made great strides in the streaming industry, with its newest movies from theatres and original shows keeping it atop of the game its ad supported plan is by far the main reason. After a number of tests, reviewers have found that HBO max’s ads are the shortest in the industry with only being 4 mins in one hour. They’re also a lot less annoying than in other platforms from personal experience.

Content wise HBO max offers all of Warner Bros blockbusters 45 days after theatrical release, as well as a great selection of horror and comic book titles like the batman series and the it movies. HBO has also been having great success recently with its original shows like The last of us and Titans. HBO Max is a solid pick for anyone trying to get the most bang for their buck right now.

YouTube TV



YouTube TV is a nice alternative to Paramount + and Hulu’s Live Tv option as it houses more than 85 major broadcast channels. However, it has since lost rights to programming in Disney, ESPN, FX, National Geographic, and local ABC stations. This has definitely given it a lower ranking than the other two services, especially since the price does not seem to change anytime soon.

Because of the other better and cheaper alternatives I don’t recommend YouTube TV till it can get something exclusive that makes it a must have service.

Tubi TV


Free Service

Tubi is a completely free service with ads, and is home to a large variety of titles in both movies and TV. It has a number of good oldies and some new films as well. Compared to all of the other free services its by far the best one as of right now. Now that FOX has acquired the platform it’s getting even better content added from Gordon Ramsey’s best shows to some of the studio’s classic films.

Tubi is great to try out if you want to save money to watch certain films or shows, though it’s nothing too amazing either.

Discovery +


$5/month with ads $7/month without them. Students are able to get a $3/month discount.

Discovery+ is a good option to go for if you don’t want to commit to a bigger plan like Hulu + Live TV or YouTube TV. It includes a variety of shows from the discovery channel like the wildlife or history channels as well as some food networks too. Recently Warner media and Discovery have finalized their merger; making them now WarnerBros. Discovery. The companies plan on bringing their two streaming platforms HBO Max, and Discovery+ together in the near future as well.

Discovery+ is a desirable option if you can add it into your budget, not expensive either but only offers a limited range of channels that may or may not interest everyone.

In Conclusion

Overall there are many platforms out there to choose depending on your personal interests and budget. Also there isn’t a clear bad choice here since everyone’s situation is different than one another. And personally my top 3 contenders in the streaming industry are HBO Max, Netflix, and Hulu with its Live TV option. Hulu without its Live TV doesn’t offer much but being bundled with Disney and espn+ makes up for it enough.

Now as more and more of these services start to implement changes in both their content and membership plans; its best to keep an eye out for any way you can save the most money, while still being able to stream whatever you want. Comment below what streaming services you’ve found to be right for you and why.

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