MCU Phase 4 Films Ranked Worst to Best


The MCU’s phase 4 has officially wrapped up with black panther’s Wakanda Forever. After 7 films we can finally look back at every film and how each one stacked up against the other. Each review is entirely my opinion from my own experiences, many of you may have different views towards these rankings. If so feel free to express your own views in the comment section below. Additionally all of these can be streamed via Disney plus.

Black Widow

Up first is the standalone black widow film which came out last summer of 2021. While this is by far the worst phase 4 film it doesn’t make it a total disaster, since it did have really good moments through the first two acts. By giving Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow an interesting back story that’ll leave you with even more feels after her fate in Avengers: Endgame.

Although, even the first two acts lacked enough substance as the movie ends up suffering due to its cliché plot. Initially it seemed like it was going to be something with more depth, instead what we got was a half-baked revenge mission. As well as a disappointing depiction of the red room, which still left us with questions about Natasha’s past. The only redeeming factor being the action scenes is pretty disappointing. Along with the taskmaster being pretty underwhelming and a complete waste in this film, the movie comes to an overall score of 5.5/10.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Next we have the fourth film in the Thor series, Thor Love and Thunder. The film was heavily hyped by fans after getting news of Christian Bale’s casting as Gorr the God Butcher, along with Natalie Portman returning as jane foster with the ability to wield Mjolnir. However, to many peoples disappointment the film ended up with too many forced jokes and a lackluster plot.

Christian Bale’s performance as Gorr the God Butcher thankfully saved the movie from being a complete flop. While many people have split feelings over the director’s choice in the direction of the film, it is undeniably a downgrade from what we got in Thor Ragnarok. Personally this movie is still at least average with a score of 6.5/10, with a better plot and jokes we could have had a great movie.

Eternals/Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Eternals and the Shang-Chi film are both interchangeable for me, with both having polar opposite themes. Either one could be better than the other, all depending on the type of marvel film you’re looking for.

If it’s a more serious tone with a bigger impact towards the MCU then Eternals would be the best option. By introducing the celestials the story was able to give more insight into the origins of the universe. Although, this movie didn’t go without its faults especially with some strange plot choices. Most being towards the villains character and their fate. Though it did help introduce some important characters to the MCU, plus showing how much bigger the marvel universe is.

As for Shang-Chi, it’s more of a fun action packed film than the Eternals. Although, its plot is also pretty subpar, with instead relying heavily on the action which wasn’t bad at all. Yet that’s the main reason as to why its this low, having a main character that gives the viewers zero interest other than his powerful rings. The villain was actually not bad, may have been better had he not been side showed by a CGI monster.

Both of these films get an average score of 7/10, while not being a complete mistake it still had areas that needed work.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Next to Spider-Man No Way Home, This was one of the most anticipated films of phase 4. Building up the hype with its castings and title alone, it was looking like another big hit from marvel. To most peoples disappointment the film was a bigger let down, while not terrible it definitely didn’t live up to the hype. Especially when introducing the multiverse, which could have been a much bigger deal than what it was dumbed down to.

Even though it did showcase some interesting characters like the illuminati group, it ultimately felt too bland. As well as Wanda’s powers making no sense throughout the entire movie. Overall its a good 7.5/10 If it wasn’t for its cast and somewhat better plot this film would have scored a lot lower.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man’s latest movie helps introduce everyone to the new upcoming chapter, the multiverse saga. By introducing our beloved Spider-Man variants to the MCU with Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. This of course was the big selling point to marvels fans, with bringing that nostalgic feeling to fans of the past spider-men. From its amazing cast to the entertaining story, this movie was perfect for all marvel fans especially Spider-Man ones. While there’s still a few nitpicks I have with the film, it is undeniably an 8/10.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Finally for our last but best marvel phase 4 film, Wakanda Forever features both amazing action and storytelling. After the tragic passing of our Black Panther T’challa, there were a number of world nations wanting to takeover. This helped bring the right amount of emotion in each of its characters, especially in Shuri’s character development. The action scenes with Namor were also very badass, adding the amazing scenery of his homeland was also perfect. CGI was also used a lot better here than past MCU films, delivering some stunning visuals. Personally it sits as the least flawed of the other phase 4 movies, giving it a score of 8.5/10.

Please don’t forget to leave your own opinions in the comment section below, plus share your own phase 4 rankings and reasons behind them.

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