The Best Spinoffs coming to 2023-2024

Best spinoffs coming in 2023

As we get closer to the end of the year, we start looking ahead at what’s to come. Spinoffs especially are something to lookout for next year, with a number of them being confirmed already. In this page we’ll look into what I believe to be the best spinoffs coming to 2023; from your favorite movies/shows. Some might not have much information as of now, though once more information gets released you’ll be updated here. I’ll also be adding new worthy spinoffs as they get announced through the year.

The walking dead: Daryl Dixon

Our first spinoff is Daryl Dixon, one the three confirmed shows from the walking dead. The story follows Daryl as he ventures out in Paris, the setting being across seas is surprising. The reasons why and how Daryl got to Paris are still yet to be answered we can expect some clarity on that sometime next year. As of right now there hasn’t been an official premiere date yet; however, it’s looking like it’ll be airing sometime by the end of 2023.

The walking dead: Dead City

Dead city the second walking dead spin off series follows Negan and Maggie, a surprising duo considering their past. Although, in order for survival they’ll need to learn how to deal with each other. This will definitely be a recurring subject as they journey towards the big apple, an interesting choice since its been left to the walkers 12 years ago. The duo will have to deal with warring factions, million-walker heard, and ziplines to get across the top floors of the island. Its currently slated for a June 2023 premiere, making it the first walking dead spin-off we’ll be getting to see.

The walking dead: Rick & Michonne


Lastly we have our most intriguing spinoff of the walking dead, Rick & Michonne. While there isn’t an official title yet; the story is confirmed to follow these two characters through their relationship. As we already know they’ve been apart since the season 9 finale; and the last time we saw Michonne she was heading to the big apple searching for rick. All we really know so far is that “red machete rick” is supposedly back, which makes the epic love story plot more reasonable with Michonne bringing rick back. So far it’s expected to arrive sometime in 2024, though as soon as we get an actual date you’ll be updated here.

Batman: The Penguin

Matt Reeves Batman universe is slowly coming together, after the amazing success from the batman movie released earlier this year. Separate from the other ongoing DC movies; Matt Reeves is keeping the batman universe isolated focusing solely on the world of batman. This has allowed Reeves to focus on batman’s most important characters and stories, giving hope for future spinoffs. Colin Farrell reprises his role as Oswald in The Penguin; which follows him and co star Cristin Miloti as Sofia Falcone fighting for control over Gotham. The premiere date is still unknown other than it being around early 2024.

The Continental


The John Wick movies have been a consistent hit lately, which makes more sense as to why its getting a spinoff as well. The Continental has been confirmed to being a prequel to the films, covering the origins of the famous hotel which has been a safehouse to those apart of the criminal underworld. With the fourth film being set to release in march of this year, it’s safe to assume this show will air sometime later on the year as well.

Agatha: Coven of Chaos


Following a past villain in the Wandavision series, Agatha returns with her own show. Although, not a lot of details over the plot have been revealed yet; we have had some casting choices released so all we can do is speculate. The title having coven of chaos could suggest the addition of more witches, with its recent casting its certainly heading in that direction. So far it only has a general release date of winter 2023. For more updates over this show click here.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew


Star wars has been on a roll with these live action spinoff shows after its great success with The Mandalorian. This Spinoff show however takes a different route, while still keeping that same space adventure feel. The story follows a group of kids from a small planet stranded in the middle of the galaxy, making it their mission to find their way home. Actor Jude Law is set to appear as well, though other than that there aren’t much details on the plot yet. So far there is only the general late 2023 release date, but it’s likely it’ll be in early 2024 instead due to delays.

The Gentlemen Show

Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen saw a lot of success at Netflix in 2019, its no surprise it managed to get a sequel series as well. Known for his British gangster films Guy Ritchie will reprise his role as director for the first two episodes, while staying as creator, co-writer, and executive producer of the series. The original cast won’t be returning however, there have already been some exciting castings, with Giancarlo Esposito and Theo James being apart of them. Premiere is expected sometime late 2023 or early 2024.

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