PS5 or Xbox Series X: Which New Gen is Best for You?

It’s been almost two years since the release of the New gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Ever since then each side has had its fair share of troubles, like almost every year when a new gen of consoles releases. For instance, PlayStations problems mostly stemmed from the ongoing chip shortage. This ultimately lead to the ps5 struggling to get back in stock consistently as well as the series x, which has also made resellers a ton of money. However, even with this issue the question still remains, which one’s right for you? PS5 or Xbox Series x?

While console wars still seem to be relevant, there has been a lot less tension than past years. This mainly has to do with how much these consoles have improved, in terms of specs, they’re finally worthy competitors to the PC’s. Having only their appearances and main features to be criticized on. Here we’ll be diving into the few hardware issues and star features that these new gen consoles have to offer.

Hardware issues

Apart from the shortages there have also been some reports of hardware issues, either regarding the controllers or the consoles itself. Most of the issues come from PlayStation’s dual sense controller and its coil whine however, they only seem to be affecting a small minority of people. The series x on the other hand has only had a few problems like with its quick resume feature, and some controllers desyncing. Overall as far as hardware issues go, neither one of these new gen consoles have enough to sway one person from the other.

Star features

The main factors that will help you decide either come from its exclusive games, or the services they offer. For example, starting with what makes the series x an attractive buy has to come from its game pass service. The game pass offers a ton of games ranging from all types of genres, as well as including day one releases from the top games coming out each month. Even though the game pass didn’t do so well this year, it is expected to bring bigger and better titles in 2023.

Xbox has the advantage when it comes to supporting its gamers with its game pass, as it gives players more value for what they’ve paid. Compared to PlayStations PS Plus it only slightly wins, by only offering already released games from past PS gens. Now it isn’t a bad offer for PlayStation members however, with the game pass bringing new releases day one it certainly makes it less lucrative.

source: Insomniac games

Of course, this doesn’t make getting the PS5 a bad choice either, as it also offers exclusive triple a titles that Xbox has been lacking for awhile. Their most prominent ones being the spider man, god of war, and the last of us games. These exclusives are the main selling point for PlayStation right now; which has brought them many players who enjoy these story driven games to their platform.

In conclusion

Depending on if your own personal preferences and what you seek in the future, any one of these consoles can be the right choice. Especially with cross-play being more available in games, playing with friends across other platforms is easier than ever now. Don’t forget to share which console was the best fit for you and why.

If you’re interested in buying the PS5 then check out PlayStation Direct for a safer purchase if not available at any retail stores( I.E Walmart, best buy, target). For people drawn more towards Xbox’s Series X you can check out the Xbox website, here it also provides links to its availability at retail stores.

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