Chainsaw Man Season One Review & What’s Next


The Chainsaw man anime has taken the world by storm recently, with many regarding it as the next attack on titan. However, the only factor that these two really relate in is its brutal world and how it affects its characters. In reality, chainsaw man season one has brought something refreshing to the genre that has captivated the world. This has led to many big names in the anime community expressing their respect for the author Tatsuki Fujimoto. Here we’ll be looking back at the first season and as well as what we can expect in the future.

Note that I will be going into some light spoilers of the show, however nothing grand like revealing certain outcomes of the cast. So no death reveals or any specific scenes that may ruin your experience. Except for the what to expect next section, avoid it if you want to avoid major spoilers.

Episodes 1-6


In these first 6 episodes we get the usual buildup to our main cast, including the world of chainsaw man. The main character Denji is shown to us as a kid who got dealt the worst cards life had to offer. With his mom dying of cancer and his dad offing himself, leaving him with an insane debt to the yakuza. Denji’s life at an early age was not a normal one compared to most kids his age. After forming a contract with pochita he started hunting devils to survive.

Later on after a brutal fight denji ends up meeting Makima the woman of his dreams in a fateful encounter. This is where we start seeing the rest of the cast, as well as the world of devil hunters. The best way to describe these first couple of episodes is them being the calm before the storm. Almost acting like a slice of life with the amount of beautiful scenes of casual moments it has.

Episodes 7-12


in the last half of the season we get to see things amp up as we meet the katana devil in action. This along with the fights against the snake devil looked so clean, even its 3d scenes felt normal to watch. While many may think of 3d in anime to be the worst thing ever, MAPPA seems to have cracked the code here. The employees deserve every bit of praise for keeping the movie like animation consistent through the show.

This last half also begins to show the true colors of the anime, with its sudden dark moments. Even though we had a few in the beginning none are as intense as what we see later on. we’re also left with more questions over the true nature of Denji’s devil form and his importance.

What to expect next


^ Major spoilers above for the last episode.

While we haven’t had an official announcement yet for the release of the second part, we can expect something February. This is because at the 2023 Jump Festa it was announced there would be a Chainsaw Man anime exhibition February 24, 2023. It’s very likely that we’ll be getting some news over the continuation of the first season here. If there’s anything else that you felt the show did good or bad at please comment below.

Side note

In case you couldn’t tell I really enjoyed the show, so I honestly couldn’t find anything major to gripe about it. If anything I just wish it would’ve adapted more but really this was the best pacing they could’ve gone with. Also having read the manga too I can tell you that this was for sure an amazing adaptation. Though I can see why some might have some issues over the animation choice or changing some dialogue. Yet with any anime we can’t always expect a 100% accurate adaptation and that’s alright.