Netflix’s Best Exclusive Anime to stream now

Lately Netflix has stepped up its anime catalog with some exclusive shows of its own that have came out recently. While there have been titles before that suffered from bad adaptations, We’ve also been lucky to get some gems recently. Many which range from original shows to mangas thankfully done right. Either way, I’m hoping we can keep getting some more great animes from netflix in the future, since the competition seems to be amping up at Hulu recently. Here we’ll be looking at what I feel to be Netflix’s best exclusive anime to stream right now.

The Great Pretender

Number of Episodes: 23 (S1-S2) Sub & Dub

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Our first anime is one of Netflix’s original series The Great Pretender, which has received great reception from viewers. The show pretty much follows the con artists Makoto and Laurent in their adventures around the world. It’s a fun show to binge as you see the main character Makoto go through changes in how he goes about his life.

Kakegurui/ Kakegurui Twin

Number of Episodes: 24 (S1-S2), 6 (Twin) Sub & Dub

Genre: Psychological thriller, Gambling

The famous gambling anime that has taken over at netflix is one that you might enjoy depending what you like. The story covers the lives of students at the Hyakkaou Private Academy, here they’re ranked by their gambling winnings. Though our main protagonist Yumeko Jabami is a strange one who loves the high risks. There’s also the prequel Kakegurui Twin anime that recently released in 2022 focusing on the character Mary and her journey before Yumeko. If you’ve watched Food Wars before it’s basically that but gambling.

The Way of the House Husband

Number of Episodes: 15 (S1-S2) Sub & Dub

Genre: Comedy

This netflix adaptation of the manga series The Way of the House Husband is a must watch for comedy fans. Its story centers around Tatsu an ex legendary yakuza named the immortal dragon who retires from crime to become a househusband. Though having spent so much time as a yakuza, normal duties become a task for Tatsu. The second season is also on the way to Netflix this January 1st.

CyberPunk Edgerunners

Number of Episodes: 10 (S1) Sub & Dub

Genre: Action, Drama

The Cyberpunk game which released in 2020 was filled with bugs and issues that had it sitting on the sidelines for awhile. This all changed however as more and more updates rolled out to fix the game till we eventually got to Edgerunners. This show helped bring more gamers both new and returning back into the game. The story is a canon prequel to the game which follows David Martinez’s Journey through Night City.


Number of Episodes: 13 (S1) Sub & Dub

Genre: Action, Comedy

One of Netflix’s most popular adaptations which actually adapted the manga well, Dorohedoro. The series is a badass funny action show which revolves around a sad town where a clan of sorcerers use the dark arts to experiment on the towns people. Our two main characters Kaiman and Nikaidou are determined to find and kill this clan and undo their spell.

Romantic Killer

Number of Episodes: 12 (S1) Sub & Dub

Genre: Romance, Comedy

The Latest rom-com to arrive at Netflix earlier this year Romantic Killer, was a nice addition to the genre. By taking some of the most common tropes of the genre and putting them through a unique premise. The one thing that sets this apart from most is our MC Anzu Hoshino, she’s a complete anti-romantic who will fight back the cliche rom-com her life has turned into.

JoJo’s Bizarre adventure

Number of Episodes: 190 (S1-S5) Sub & Dub

Genre: Action, Comedy

This anime has one of the most unique art styles than any other project that has released recently. Along with its iconic presence among the community with even being referenced in other unrelated animes. The story is about the Joestar family’s two brothers Jonathan joestar and his step brother Dio Brando. Dio uses an ancient mask to become a powerful vampire in order to take control of the Joestar family fortune. It’s also a pretty long running series with 5 seasons available right now, each part switches its protagonist with a new generation of the Joestar family.

Violet Evergarden

Number of Episodes: 13, 1h 30m(EAMD), 2h 20m(Sequel) Sub & Dub

Genre: Drama

Now for one of the most well known emotional series, Violet Evergarden. Its story follows an emotionally scarred soldier settling into postwar life as a ghostwriter. The anime has only one season and two movies, one of those movies is a direct sequel while the other “Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll” is a spin off. If you’re looking for something that’ll get you into your feels, then this is the anime for you.

Fate Spin offs

Number of Episodes: 25(Apocrypha), 13(Last Encore), 1h 12m(First Order) Sub & Dub

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Drama

The fate series is another one of the anime communities most beloved action fantasies. Its home to a number of projects from both the main story and the numerous spin offs it has released in the past. The premise of each of these starts off with combatants entering a fight to the death tournament known as the Holy Grail War. By Fighting with both magic and heroes throughout history that these combatants can summon, the sole winner gets granted one wish. Currently, there’s only the Fate/Grand Order First Order movie, Fate/Apocrypha, and Fate/Extra Last Encore on Netflix. If you want to find the others check here, a post solely focused on the fate series.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Number of Episodes: 26 (S1) Sub & Dub

Genre: Action, Mecha, Thriller

The Evangelion series has always been well known for introducing dark and serious psychological themes early on in anime. Till this day it’s still one of the most popular animes with its fan favorite characters being responsible for keeping it relevant. Neon Genesis also has a story that might take viewers a second watch to understand what’s truly going on especially at the end. There’s also the rebuild movies which cover the same plot but take different directions from the show. However, these are only available on prime.

A Silent Voice

Number of Episodes: 2h 9m Sub & Dub

Genre: Drama, Romance

Finally for what’s probably the most emotional rewarding journey in any anime movie, A Silent Voice. While there’s still other movies like A Whisker Away or Flowers of Youth, I feel as if neither of them compare to what this movie offers. The movie is about a student and the deaf girl he’d bully through grade school, yet after reuniting in high school he seeks to make amends. The journey that our main character takes is an emotional one towards the redemption he seeks. I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, even if the genre doesn’t suit you.

Incase there’s any other animes here on netflix that you enjoy, make sure to comment down below. I’ll also be updating this post as more future animes start airing on Netflix.

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