Chainsaw man Season 2: what we know so far

Chainsaw man season 2

As of now mappa has yet to make an announcement over the 2nd season of chainsaw man. After a stellar first season, there is no doubt we’ll getting another; when however is the real question. Here we’ll be looking at what we know so far over chainsaw man season 2, expect any updates here in the near future.

The first season served more as a setup or preparation for anime onlys. Since what’s left to come in the series is what many fans believe to be the best parts. Obviously with the teaser at the end of season we got to see reze, a new character who’ll be playing a big part in the next arc. If Mappa decides to keep the same pacing we may see two major arcs get adapted, the bomb girl and international assassins arc.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date

Source: Mappa

It’s very likely we’ll be getting some new information over the 2nd season at this upcoming Mappa stage event. However, an early 2024 release seems possible due to Attack on Titan getting pushed back towards the fall. Either way, there’s no doubt we’ll be getting a stellar next season from Mappa.

Where to Stream Chainsaw Man

If you haven’t already or are looking to rewatch it you can find chainsaw man on Crunchyroll or Hulu.

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