GTA 6 Releasing Holiday 2024/Q1 2025

GTA 6 releasing

This comes from some reputable insiders according to insider gaming, where we learn that Rockstar’s been aiming for GTA 6 releasing on holiday 2024. However, it’s been rumored that they have been facing internal issues; possibly leading to a delay for early 2025.

With these speculated release dates we can expect an announcement from Rockstar around late 2023. It’d be surprising to see it at a game event like e3 given their history.

Personally I’m hoping they take their time with this since it’d be a shame to have a repeat of what cyberpunk went through. There’s also been rumors that they’ll keep the original release date while leaving unfinished story content as DLC. Nothings for sure but I hope things don’t turn out that way:/.