GTA 6 Trailer is finally out, So What’s New?

First if you haven’t already here is the GTA 6 trailer for you to check out.

For starters let’s start out with something that won’t be too new to us and that is the return of Vice City. Vice city making its return will no doubt feel familiar to us but it will definitely have refreshing take on the iconic map of GTA. With how alive the gta V map was I can expect a lot from a modernized vice city bringing in that florida feel to it.

While this was simply a cinematic story trailer, I’m sure most of the things we seen some of the npc’s doing will be available for us to do ourselves. On top of that I personally speculate that the phone system here will be way more in depth with a possible addition of a sort of social media app that can access all the latest activities going down in Vice City. Unless those specific segments in the trailer didn’t mean anything, I think we might have something cool in store for us.

GTA VI Releases sometime in 2025, possibly a spring to summer release to fit the story and feel of the game ?