Hulu’s Best Anime Titles to Stream Right Now

Hulu has usually always had a pretty good anime catalog. Though now that Disney has taken initiative in securing animes for themselves, we may see a shift in the streaming competition for this industry in the future. With Disney also owning Hulu most of its anime if not all will stream there in the U.S. It’s a really good library of anime with most being English dubbed, even being comparable to Hidive’s dubbed library to an extent. Here we’ll be looking at Hulu’s best anime it has to offer.

While many of the best anime libraries belong to either one of the big three anime onlys services, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and HIDIVE. Many mainstream streaming services like Hulu or Netflix have added a nice anime catalog so people who are just now getting into anime can just start with these for now. Also some of these titles may be available on other services like Netflix or Disney+ Depending on your location.


Number of Episodes: 367(S1-S6) 13(TYBW) Sub & Dub

Genre: Comedy

Bleach is Hulu’s only anime exclusive so far and it’s a big one especially with it streaming a fan favorite arc. Although, there are some people who aren’t fans of Disney trying to gain exclusive rights to certain anime. Either way at least their mature titles like this series will stream on Hulu in the U.S & others instead. Right now bleach is streaming its most intense arc yet, the Thousand-Year Blood War.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?(Familia Myth)

Number of Episodes: 37 (S1-S3) Sub & Dub

Genre: Comedy

The show revolves around a young kid bell cranel and a lonely goddess hestia who are striving to achieve their dreams. If this is a series you’d want to always keep up to date with then I’d recommend getting HIDIVE instead which has it as a simulcast. But if not then you can just keep watching it on Hulu till it eventually gets updated in the future.

Chainsaw Man

Number of Episodes: 12 (S1) Sub & Dub

Genre: Action, Comedy

Chainsaw Man is the latest trending show that’s also available on Hulu other than crunchyroll. The story follows the MC Denji as he’s forced to hunt devils to survive this hellish world. However, with the help of his pet pochita the chainsaw devil, Denji will make sure to live a better life. If you’re already familiar with animes like Jujitsu kaisen and demon slayer, then this will certainly peak your interest.

Spy x Family

Number of Episodes: 25 (S1) Sub & Dub

Genre: Action, Comedy

Another fan favorite anime is also available here, this one of course being more grounded and family friendly. Spy x Family is a fun anime which centers around a family of 3 characters, Loid the spy, Yor an assassin, and Anya the telepathic kid. Agent Twilight must take on his most difficult mission yet, being a family man. By going as Loid Forger he has to create the perfect family for the sake of world peace. The character that we mostly follow is Anya the telepath since she knows her parents secret.

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Number of Episodes: 12 (S1) Sub & Dub

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is one of the anime communities most beloved rom-coms which has recently ended its manga serialization. Focusing on the student council, the show follows two characters fighting to make the other confess their love. Along with their friends in the student council, the show will follow their journey through this war of love. Hulu has plenty of variety in their anime genres so you might find other romance animes besides this one that you might like.

Black Lagoon

Number of Episodes: 12 (S1) Sub & Dub

Genre: Crime, Action

Switching back to the more serious tone of shows, Black Lagoon brings in a more unhinged mood to the scene. The show’s about a modern-day pirate crew known as the Black Lagoon who happen to run into our main character Rokurou Okajima or “Rock”. Rock ends up joining the crew, helping them as he delves deep into the cold cruel underworld that he never knew.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Number of Episodes: 24 (S1+OVA) Sub & Dub

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

If you’re into Isekai’s or have always wanted to reincarnate to a magical world, then this show is for you. After a 34 year old recluse dies from getting hit by a truck, he gets reborn into a new world. Now named Rudeus and with a fresh start, he aims to use both his past knowledge and experience. In this world Rudeus will not leave any room for regrets like in his past life.

Parasyte: The Maxim

Number of Episodes: 24 (S1) Sub & Dub

Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror

Parasyte is a dark Sci-fi anime that follows the story of teenager Shinichi Izumi, whose life changes after an encounter with a parasyte. These parasites appeared on earth to take over the brains of human hosts by entering their body. However, Shinichi’s situation is different since his parasyte only has control of his right hand. Both Shinichi and his parasyte named Migi form a bond to survive against their new world.


Number of Episodes: 24 (S1) Sub & Dub

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery

This series is one of those shows that really captivates the viewers with its story and unexpected twists along the way. After a group of friends create a machine that can send messages across time causing ripples through the past and present, their work becomes a target. Now they must make sure to survive and not get caught by the organization who’s after their work.

Sword Art Online Series

Number of Episodes: 108 (S1-Alicization), 1h 59m (Ordinal Scale) Sub & Dub (except for alicization 2nd season)

Genre: Action, Fantasy

The SAO series was a pioneer for most of the isekai we see today, and has remained a fan favorite. It’s story is about a popular realistic VRMMO game which ends up trapping players in the game unless they die. However, in game deaths mean you die IRL too which causes panic among the players. The ordinal scale movie is a direct sequel to the first two seasons before the alicization arc. The movies visuals are amazing and feature even more of the fan favorites couple kirito and asuna.

Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou & Sotsu

Number of Episodes: 39 (S1-S2) Sub & Dub

Genre: Horror

To top it all off Higurashi: When They Cry is one the most known horror animes that actually sticks to the genre unlike others. Its story is for sure one that might take you a bit of time to understand what’s truly going on. As a group of friends who live in a rural village are involved in mysterious murders that happen annually. Its sinister mood and deaths are what have made it so iconic among the community.

There’s probably animes I haven’t mentioned yet that you might enjoy, so if you have any recommendations please comment below. I’ll also be updating this page in the future for any new animes that get sent to Hulu.

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