MW2 Features That Need to Change Right Now

Call of Duty

Ever since the launch of Modern Warfare 2 the game has seen its fair share of mixed reception from fans. However, there is no denying that it needs to fix some issues in certain areas. Here we’ll be diving into those MW2 features that need to change right now or in the near future. Ranging from multiplayer map designs, Time to Kill, as well as the UI and a few others.

Starting with the bad, the main issues plaguing the game has been the lack of attention towards the multiplayer mode. Once warzone gained enough popularity it took top priority over what was once the franchises main selling point. This really affected the quality of the multiplayer mode, especially when compared to last call of duty’s. Making issues that were once looked passed on more apparent than ever.

Map Designs

The map designs at launch here are either mediocre or awful compared to ones we’ve had in the past. Additionally, these maps have a number of windows and other spots that cater to the camping playstyle. While in the past it hasn’t been a big deal, its gotten less tolerable when even flanking them is useless. The way most of these maps are laid out, it gives campers a great advantage aiming down the only lanes available to flank.

TTK(time to kill)

The TTK in this call of duty is far more inconsistent than in the past, with base weapons being as good as their maxed out counterpart. As well as weapons that should win a gunfight their designed for fail. Even adding the Tier 1 mode which is hardcore without the HUD hasn’t quite solved the issue, since the TTK is still inconsistent here. This level of randomness is what has made the game feel less of a casual fps to enjoy and more of a headache.

UI issues

Finally for the last but still just as important issue to fix, the UI. Although it doesn’t affect the gameplay as much, its still something that a big developer shouldn’t be struggling with. At launch the UI struggled with a ton of glitches which have been mostly fixed but still present. Most importantly though, the look of the UI had the opportunity to be something special. Instead we get some cheap basic look that barely stands up to the classics.


Now while the game has a number of issues to fix still, it did add something cool that the fanbase has been enjoying so far. That being the exclusive feature to warzone 2 and DMZ, proximity chat. The feature has brought a ton of attention to the game mode, making it the most. This alone has made the game so much more enjoyable as you can trash talk or even casually conversate with random players.

However, Proximity chat alone cannot fix this game completely. If Infinity Ward or someone at Activision can actually listen to its players then we can turn this game around for the better. Comment below what other features need to change or be added soon.

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