Netflix Password Sharing Charge Gets New Date

Netflix password sharing

Earlier in the year Netflix decided to announce it would begin to charge customers for password sharing; which left many unpleased. And while the decision left a bad mark on the streaming service; it still managed to bring in new customers this 1st quarter of the year. However, the Netflix password sharing charge has recently received a new date.

When Will It Arrive?

As of now there isn’t an exact date; however, Netflix has said it would be arrive around the 2nd quarter of this year. It will be rolled out both in the U.S and across the other countries as well.

How Much Will It Cost?

Netflix will be expected to charge customers in canada $8/month for each user. While for Spain its 6 euros/month and Portugal 4 euros/month. Finally New Zealand’s price is NZ$8/month; which leaves the speculated U.S price to around the same.

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