The Best Horror Films to Binge Each Halloween


If you’re looking for a list or just a couple movies to binge for this and any future Halloween night then you’ll find exactly what you want. Now not everyone has the same fear for everything, so there may be some titles that scare you more than it does for another person. With that in mind each film will have its genre type and what to expect from them, this will help you decide what’s best for your own list.

Saw series

Horror Type: Torture, Gore

starting off with one of the main classics in horror is the saw series, while there are some entries that didn’t live up to the first there are still some sequels that did refresh the franchise. For example, the spiral movie which is supposed to be a spin off did a great job at still keeping the familiarity of the originals, while still delivering something new to the audiences. These films are sure to keep you tense throughout the movie and the gore doesn’t let up either.

Hellraiser ( 2022, 1987)

Horror Type: Torture, Gore

The Hellraiser series has been a fan favorite among horror fans for awhile, even with the sequels after its original not living up to the hype. Because of this the only two Hellraiser films worth to give a watch are its first installment and the remake from this year.

Delivering the iconic torture scenes in its glory the remake did not disappoint in that department. Plot is also not hard to follow compared to the last sequels which is a major plus, if you enjoy the torture type of horror then these films will be right for your list.

Chucky series

Horror Type: Comedy

The Chucky series has been horror favorite with a movie remake and a tv show airing its second season right now, this classic is definitely one to add to your Halloween watchlist.

Although skipping some of its less well received titles titles like, seed of chucky or its remake that came out recently wouldn’t be a bad idea. Now while clearly they aren’t the scariest films, chucky’s mix of comedy certainly makes it an enjoyable watch for audiences at home.

Insidious series

Horror Type: Supernatural

The Insidious movies are one of the most creepy supernatural films for me personally. Along with the conjuring series these films built up the suspense and terror of the evil supernatural presences in them perfectly. Even after watching it a number of times it still keeps that same effect to this day, which makes it a perfect fit for this list.

There first two films are the best compared to its and like most horror films the sequel didn’t quite surpass the original though it is still a good watch if you wish to finish the series. Overall it brings enough creepiness and suspense together to keep you hooked.

Nightmare on elm street series

Horror Type: Supernatural

Another one of horrors famous cult classics, Nightmare on elm street makes this list. As for which titles of the series you should watch that may be up to personal preference. However, starting with its first two installments and its crossover with Jason Voorhees are the main ones to check out, that is if you don’t want to binge the whole series.

V/H/S (first only)

Horror Type: Disturbing

V/H/S movies are all pretty disturbing and creepy with their form of filming and its tapes that it plays through in each film. Yet as a series it has not lived up to how good the first one was, in the sequels its tapes only get more ridiculous. The comedy isn’t bad but it could’ve stayed a bit more grounded to help the series.

Of course this shouldn’t stop you from watching the first one since it still provides a good suspenseful and creepy watch for your friends or family.

House of wax

Horror Type: Slasher

While House of Wax wasn’t as appreciated as it is now because of a few factors, mainly being that Paris Hilton was starring in it, as well as the current transition at the time from slashers to the rise of torture horror era films.

Yet, under all of that there still remains an underrated and entertaining slasher film. A good slasher movie needs good kills and buildup to those kills, with house of wax it delivers in both of those aspects.

The Terrifier

Horror Type: Slasher, Supernatural

The Terrifier was and still is a very disturbing and creepy film, with an iconic looking slasher called Art, a creepy killer clown with a funny but evil personality. The film follows a group of women getting stalked and terrorized by art on Halloween night.

Bringing in some very disturbing kills that some may not be able to watch through, personally this movies kill scenes are one of the few I can never forget. Additionally, its recently added a sequel this year which has received a lot of praise for keeping the gore intact.


Horror Type: Psychological, Thriller

Vivarium is a trippy experience with a different type of horror that may or may not appeal to all audiences. If you enjoy ambiguous movies with sort of vague explanations over the plot then this will be a good fit.

The story follows our main characters as they are trapped in this creepy suburban neighborhood, with all identical houses and no road to an exist they dive into the mysteries of the area.


Horror Type: Supernatural

The Annabelle franchise is widely liked by most horror fans, with Annabelle the doll being something that actually existed makes it even scarier. Bringing that eerie and suspenseful feeling, the Annabelle series does a good job at staying consistent.

If you hate dolls with a passion like me then this series will definitely keep you on your toes. Additionally, this series is interconnected with the conjuring universe, making for a great binge with each film in it.


Horror Type: Supernatural

The Conjuring franchise is one of best horror movies we have had recently that’s managed to not bomb in any of its sequels. Featuring a great cast and writers that have kept the films so consistent is its main secret, as well as the world building its done within the bigger universe its created. You can’t go wrong with adding this to your horror binge

Jeepers Creepers 1&2

Horror Type: Slasher/monster

By far one of most iconic monster slasher films of all time jeepers creepers, which has delivered back to back classics. For horror especially it is uncommon that sequels ever live up to its predecessor or even surpass it. For most of my childhood and even now most of the scenes have been engraved into my mind with how creepy and disturbing the deaths were. It’s had some recent sequels with a third and fourth, but they’ve all been severe let downs to the franchise.

28 days later

Horror Type: Zombies

28 days later is a classic zombie film a first ever of its type that helped shape the genre to what it is today with other films and shows trying to put their own twist. The suspense and anxiety one gets during a zombie apocalypse is felt all throughout, bringing the harsh reality of what it would actually be like.

Its sequel isn’t terrible but definitely skippable as it isn’t connected to any of the original characters and feels much more like a cash grab.

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