The Eminence in Shadow Important Announcement

This upcoming week we will be getting a live streamed event for The Eminence in Shadow anime, according to the official website of the anime; the special program will feature the 4 main VA of the show. They are- Seiichiro Yamashita (Cid Kagenou / Shadow), Rina Hidaka (Claire Kagenou), Asami Seto (Alpha), and Hisako Kanemoto (Epsilon).

What Time?

The program is set to air from 20:00 (JST) / 03:00 (PT) on February 22, here we can expect some official news over the second season of the anime. So far from leaks alone its expected to be a 12 episode season, though as for an exact release date we’re still unsure.

If you haven’t started or finished the first season yet, then I’d recommend ya to give it a watch already! The last episode Advent of the Demon released last week giving us a sneak peak of what’s to come in the 2nd season. If you wish to not spoil yourself from what the latest episode sets up then stop reading right now and finish the show!


If you’ve made it this far it means you wish to know what’s next for our MC Shadow, as well as the awesome cast around him. First we get to see Sherry Barnett again after she supposedly went abroad. Though it seems like she’s gone mad trying to figure out the identity of Shadow; as we see her holed up in a room full of wanted posters of him. After the departure of Beatrix, Iris Midgar still seems to be irritated from her last fight with Shadow.

Finally we see Alpha leading Rose to start her training at the Shadow Garden HQ. However, once there Rose is forced to abandon everything from her past life, which in turn leads to her mental breakdown.

What’s Next?

So from what the latest episode set up we can expect some more fights between Shadow and the midgar kingdom. Though from the few hints dropped throughout the last few episodes it looks like we’ll be paying a visit to the Lawless city. Plus if we stay following the source material, this will be the next biggest arc of the show. If you wish to start reading the manga or LN where the anime left off at, I’d start at chapter 26 of the manga or volume 3 for the LN. Though of course because there are some differences in each adaptation you may want to reread from the beginning.