The Main Issue with Video Games Nowadays

Lately, video games seem to have gone to a downwards slope in terms of quality. As developers try to convince gamers of the innovative and groundbreaking mechanics they’ve added to their titles; yet, rarely do we get what we were promised for in these games. Additionally, we also get rushed games which can sometimes be the result of toxic fanbases or internal issues with the developers. Here i’ll be diving into some of the main problems causing the decline of quality games; as well as potential solutions to them.

Where gaming is failing at

There are a few certain areas where gaming has been struggling at the most, starting with its originality. Lately we’ve seen a surge of titles coming from the same old franchises, while it’s not always bad we could use some new IP’s. Because of this we have seen some beloved franchises ruined from money hungry corporates.

We have also seen an increase in developers putting graphics over gameplay which negatively affects the games outcome. This leads to many projects that had so much hype behind them due to their stunning graphics and promises of fun game mechanics to flop.

What needs to be done

The first thing we should focus on is getting away from live service games, mainly ones that aren’t free or exploit the consumer. This is due to them abusing micro transactions, which have been around for awhile now. This is found mainly in live service games like overwatch 2 or Avengers that use their popular name and fanbase to its advantage.

Next is bringing creativeness back to gaming, which we’ve been missing for a while now since live service games. And seeing how much better our software engines have gotten, we definitely need more ambitious new IP’s in the future. Though more importantly, we need actual finished products; especially with the price increase to $70 for these mainstream triple A games.


Bottom line, the state of the gaming industry has been going downhill recently with live service games becoming the norm. Now each year I only really find 1 or 2 games I’d pay full price for; while I wait for discounts on the rest. Plus with subscription services like Game Pass or PS Plus you can save a lot of money on your favorite titles. The game pass also has an exclusive feature that brings new games to the service day 1; and while 2022 was a snoozefest this year seems to be stacked with some exciting games.

Let me know in the comments what issues y’all feel like are plaguing gaming right now, as well as the best ways to tackle them.