The 14 Best Anime coming this Fall SZN

This fall season of anime is stacked with some exciting titles that every fanbase is anxious for. There are a few new adaptations with most being returning shows getting a new season like bleach or Golden Kamuy. Note this list is not based off ranking and will be updated as more details get released.

14. My Hero Academia: S6

Source: Crunchyroll

Genre: Shounen

Streamed on: Crunchyroll

One of Shounen’s most popular anime is making its return this fall as it comes closer to its final arc that is being published weekly at the moment. Season 6 will be starting us off at the paranormal liberation arc one of fans most awaited parts yet. You can expect 25 episodes or something close to that number from what we’ve gotten in the past. MHA season 6 airs this October 1st.

13. Reincarnated as a Sword

Source: HIDIVE

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Isekai

Stream on: HIDIVE

It wouldn’t be a complete anime season without another weird titled Isekai in the lineup, however this one seems to have an amazing animation team behind it. In the new trailer you can see how incredible the animation in both action and scenery, as well as the characters themselves. Our main character here of course in reborn into a world of magic, but as a overpowered sword. As he awaits for some female heroine to save him a runaway slave named Fran seeks his help, together as master and student they embark on a epic journey helping those in need. Reincarnated as a Sword starts streaming this October 5.

12. Golden Kamuy S4

Source: Crunchyroll

Genre: Seinen, Action, Adventure

Stream on: Crunchyroll

Golden Kamuy takes place in the early 20th century of Hokkaido featuring several parties pursuing a hidden stash of gold of the Ainu people. Now returning for a 4th season picking up after the events of the previous one we see Asirpa and the “immortal” Sugimoto reunite as their journey amps up even more. Having Asirpa regaining her memories and new characters joining the quest for gold its bound to be a chaotic season. Catch the first episode this October 3rd.

11. To Your Eternity S2

Source: Crunchyroll

Genre: Shounen, Adventure, Drama, Supernatural

Stream on: Crunchyroll

To your eternity is quite the depressing yet still beautiful journey, introducing us to a being as an orb discovering the different kinds of life in the world as it aims to preserve the world. The orb takes on many forms from the life it interacts with, mainly keeping the form of the white haired boy we first meet “Fushi” on his journey through the tough world. In this next season we see Fushi alone for most of the time in this trailer with new characters joining the cast plus the Knokkers enemies of fushi and his mission of preserving the world.

Check the latest trailer now and get ready for another adventure this October 23rd.

10. Beast Tamer

Source: Crunchyroll

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Stream on: Crunchyroll

Beast Tamer is a fantasy filled adventure following our main character rein as he gets banished from the heroes party for being a sucker who can only use animals. However, rein soon meets a cat girl and other new friends to start their own journey. You can watch the first episode this October 2nd.

9. The Eminence in Shadow

Source: Crunchyroll

Genre: Isekai, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Stream on: HIDIVE

Reborn into a new world Cid kagenou wishes to use this second chance in this world of magic to become the mastermind behind everything driving the story forward against the evil cult running through this fantasy world. Not much else is out about the anime but it does seem to take place in a more modern setting for an Isekai. The Eminence in Shadow airs this October 5th.

8. Shinobi no Ittoki

Genre: Action, Romance

Stream on: Crunchyroll

An anime revolving around the world of ninjas as Ittoki Sakuraba an ordinary student at first until his life gets flipped around. Learning that he is the 19th heir of the famous Iga ninjas, Ittoki becomes a target of their rival clan the koga. In order to protect himself and his village Ittoki must become a strong enough shinobi to finally end this rivalry. This anime seems very promising with its balance of action and drama, as well as the fact that we haven’t had a ninja anime in awhile. Catch the first episode October 4.

7. Urusei Yatsura

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance

Stream on: HIDIVE

The most anticipated reboot of the year hits streaming this fall, with David production behind the project its expected to run for about 4 cours. The story revolves around Ataru moroboshi, as he’s selected as humans representative in a duel for earths fate when an alien race called the oni invades. His opponent Lum, the oni’s pretty princess ends up taking a liking to Ataru when he somehow manages to get a win. However, this would only land Ataru with even more conflict following him everywhere in his love life. Catch Urusei Yatsura this October 13.

6. More than a married couple, but not lovers

Source: Crunchyroll

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Stream on: Crunchyroll

One of falls most anticipated rom-com of the season arrives on streaming bringing a cast full of our favorite character tropes. Being set in a high school where students are forced to be paired together in a psuedo relationship for their curriculum, our main characters Jiro Yakuin and Akari Watanabe are complete oposites. Yet, despite this they both strive to become the top performers of the psuedo couples in order to change their partners. However, as they start working together they realize they’re only getting closer and closer to each other. Don’t forget to check the premiere this October 9.

5. Blue Lock

Source: Crunchyroll

Genre: Shounen, sports, drama

Stream on: Crunchyroll

Blue lock is by far one of most anticipated sports anime of this year, having a large amount of hype behind it from fans of the manga there is certainly a lot to expect from this adaptation. Earlier this year we had a similar anime with Aoashi which was not talked about a lot until it aired on Crunchyroll gaining a lot of attention, it will be interesting to see the different takes blue lock will bring to the soccer anime genre. Blue Lock is expected to run for 24 episodes with 2 cours back 2 back starting this October 9th.

4. Spy X Family Part 2

Source: Crunchyroll

Genre: Shounen,

Stream on: Crunchyroll

Spy x Family comes back for its second cour introducing us to some new characters both enemy and friends for the forger family. The number one spy in the world twilight is taking on the mission of getting anya to become an honor student by getting all of the required amount of stellas in order to get close to the desmond family. Spy x Family returns to streaming this October 1st.

3. Mob Psycho 100 S3

Source: Crunchyroll

Genre: Shounen, Action, Comedy

Stream on: Crunchyroll

Mob makes his return this fall with season 3 bringing back some of our favorite characters, as we see what our main character decides to do to try and keep his Esper powers a secret. From facing evil spirits, to dealing with fake espers and other mysterious organizations along the way. Mob psycho season 3 will air on crunchyroll this October 5th.

2. Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Source: Crunchyroll

Genre: Shounen, Action,

Stream on: Hulu in U.S, Disney+ for international countries.

One of Shounens big three is making its return with the last arc of the series. Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War brings a new cast of enemies to ichigo and the soul society. This arc is by far the bloodiest one with its action packed fight scenes, after the author himself has said there will be no censorship fan were relieved since in the past the show has been a victim of censorship.

Also make sure to check the new trailer here as it shows out its stunning animation, with how well every aspect looks from the characters to their powers in action. It is also revealed that bleach will run for 4 cours adapting the last arc in its entirety, the first part starts this October 10.

1. Chainsaw Man

Source: Crunchyroll

Genre: Shounen, Action, adventure

Stream on: Crunchyroll, Netflix, hulu

Chainsaw man is by far the most talked about and anticipated manga to be adapted that hasn’t even aired yet around the world. The manga features a very refreshing cast of characters that play a lot at the typical character tropes, while taking them through a chaotic brutal ride that isn’t found very often and done so well. You can check the latest chainsaw man trailer featuring more cast members and the opening theme for the season.

It also, reveals that there will be 12 different EDs for each episode. It is unclear if we will get 2 parts like jujitsu kaisen or mushoku tensei but it does seem likely to give Mappa employees a break to maintain the movie like animation through the season. Chainsaw man makes his debut this October 11.

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