The Best Movies Coming to Theaters 2022

This year has been full of some exciting movies from super hero flicks to some decent horror films. However, as we enter the last stretch of the year we’re still left with plenty of exciting movies to get ready for.


Smile is an upcoming psychological horror film following Dr. Rose Cotter As she experiences a strange traumatic event over one of her patients. Afterwards her reality starts to crack as she keeps seeing the same sort of creepy incidents bringing her to relive her past in order to understand and survive this horrifying new reality. You can catch this film in theatres this September 30.

Halloween ends-

We finally get our conclusion to the Halloween franchise (hopefully), as both Michael Myers and Laurie strode come back for their climatic end after a 4 year time skip from the last film. As Laurie tries to start to live a life without rage or fear, Michael makes his return which forces Laurie to confront the one evil she’s failed to end in the past. You can watch this in theatres this October 14.

Black Adam-

During ancient Khandaq Teth Adam was granted powers of the gods and would take vengeance for his son. After being imprisoned for 5,000 years he struggles to fit in and bring his form of justice against what the modern heroes of today of the Justice Society believe in. From the trailer we can see by far the best costume designs of the dceu with each character especially the fans favorite being of Dr. fate. Black Adam hits theatres this October 21.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever-

Black panther returns for its sequel after a considerable time skip from the last film and the sad passing of the amazing Chadwick Boseman. This film will tackle the aftermath of his death in the MCU and the succession to the black panther throne. Namor will also make his appearance as the lead antagonist by making his move towards Wakanda knowing they are without a king now as well as other world powers.

Prey for the Devil-

Prey for the Devil is a film set around the roman catholic church and its struggle against the surge of demonic possession in the world. By reopening schools for priests to learn about exorcisms again to combat the demons the church hopes to win back this war against the devil. although this practice is only for priests our main protagonist sister Ann has shown to have talent for it especially with her past being connected to demonic possession. Check the trailer out to get a sneak peak at Prey for the Devil which releases this October 28.

Violent night-

It is Christmas eve and a group of elite mercenaries take over a family compound making everyone a hostage. However, they are not prepared for their surprise visitor as our Saint Nick in this story is quite the opposite of the wholesome image we all had in mind as a kid. Violent Night releases in theatres this December 2nd.

Avatar the way of the water-

Finally for the most awaited film of the year, Avatar makes its grand return to the big screen with its sequel “The Way of Water”. The film follows Jake sully and Ney’tiri a decade later as they have formed a family since the last film. Although, they soon realize they have to leave their home as an ancient threat comes back and war with the humans seeming inevitable. Watching the trailer it shows out more of the amazing world of Pandora with the latest technology it looks miles better than its predecessor. Catch it in theatres this December 16.

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