The Best Movies from the First Half of 2023

Movies from the first half of 2023

This year we’ve been blessed with some very exciting films to look out for in theatres. In addition, more people have been getting comfortable with going out to cinemas these past years. From superheroes, horror films and some true stories, 2023 gives us the best of everything. Here we’ll be diving into the best movies from the first half of 2023 and when you can catch them.

Antman and the wasp: Quantumania

Theatrical Release date:

Friday, February 17

First up we have the antman sequel serving as the first entry to marvels phase 5, Quantumania. Here we’ll be getting a better look at the quantum realm, as well as our antagonist Kang the conqueror. Antman and the Wasp must journey through the realm with their family, reaching heights they didn’t think were possible.

Cocaine Bear

Theatrical Release date:

Friday, February 24

Based off a true event from 1985, Cocaine Bear tells the story of the most dangerous animal to ever live. While it wasn’t long, the bear still certainly made his mark in history for such a feat. Here the movie introduces us to an oddball group of cops, criminals, tourists, as well as teens converging in a Georgia forest area. All of these characters encounter the 500-pound black bear who’s on a rampage for blood and another fix.

Shazam Fury of the Gods


Theatrical Release date:

Friday, March 17

As of recently, the DC film universe has gone through a lot of changes both from management to actors. Despite all that, Shazam Fury of the Gods is still expected to release as well as staying canon to the DC universe. Here Billy and his foster siblings are forced to transform again to stop the daughters of atlas from destroying the world.

John wick 4

Theatrical Release date:

Friday, March 24

While its not confirmed if this is the last installment yet, we do know that it’ll be the longest one so far. Continuing from where we last left off, John Wick’s bounty for his head keeps increasing which makes him take his fight globally against the High Table. Thus John Wick seeks out the most powerful people in the underworld from New York, to Paris, Osaka, and Berlin.

Dungeons & Dragons Honor among Thieves

Theatrical Release date:

Friday, March 31

From the famous fantasy rpg, Dungeons & dragons Honor Among Thieves brings together a charming thief and a group of misfit adventurers for an epic adventure. Their adventure takes them to a heist for a lost relic, however things go south when run into the wrong people. This movie will hopefully bring to life the rich world of dungeons & dragons.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Theatrical Release date:

Friday, April 7

The upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie is a highly anticipated one for all the kids and longtime fans of the franchise. While many aren’t too keen with not having an actual Italian for the voice of Mario and Luigi, we can at least stay optimistic till we see the end result. The story here is just like many of the games, Mario sets out to save the princess and the kingdom from bowser.

Guardians of the galaxy 3

Theatrical Release date:

Friday, May 5

Our favorite group of characters in the MCU return for the last installment to James Gunn’s intergalactic trilogy. While peter quill still tries to recover from the loss of gamora, he must rally his crew to help one of their own from an impending threat. The trailer certainly gives us the impression of an emotional but fun journey with this cast.

Spider-Man Across the spider verse

Theatrical Release date:

Friday, June 2

Miles Morales makes his return in this next adventure in the spider-verse saga, reuniting back again with his partner Gwen Stacy. However, this time he teams up with even more spider-men to fight against a threat more powerful than they’ve ever imagined. Also this new villain is one that wasn’t a big deal in the comics, which makes it interesting to see where they take this character.

Transformers rise of the beasts

Theatrical Release date:

Friday, June 9

Returning is one of movie goers classic action packed franchises Transformers, this time with its next installment Rise of the Beasts. The film takes us back to the 90’s as we explore the 3 different tribes of transformers, the Maximals, Predacons, and Terrorcons. These 3 groups will join the fight between the autobots and decepticons introducing a possible bigger threat.

Indiana Jones 5

Theatrical Release date:

Friday, June 30

Although not much has been revealed as of yet over the plot, we do know we’ll be back in the 1960’s. However, we can expect the same type of action adventures we’ve seen before as indiana jones fights off nazis again. Harrison ford also returns for another run as the famous fictional archeologist, Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones.

While depending on what you enjoy, this list might not include certain movies you were looking forward to. Though, some of those movies might arrive later on in the year. If so you’ll be able to check out a list covering the best movies coming this second half of the year right here.

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