The Best Netflix Original Shows to binge

Netflix has been on top of their game lately delivering us some of the most popular shows on streaming. From Stranger Things to the recent hit Wednesday, it seems like Netflix keeps pushing out bigger hits. Along with the return of YOU and the witcher later this year, It’s looking to be another great year at Netflix. Here we’ll looking into the best Netflix original shows to binge today.

BoJack Horseman


Number of Episodes: 76 (S1-S6)

Genre: Dark comedy, Drama

As the title suggests, Bojack is a humanoid horse who has been off the deep end into booze. This is after being a famous star of a 90’s sitcom starring as an adoptive father to two children. Yet it unexpectedly got cancelled which led to his downfall into bad habits. However, 18 years later BoJack decides to get back into stardom, which he finds out isn’t going to be so easy. Especially with hollywood being different now BoJack must try to adapt to the new era.



Number of Episodes: 8 (S1)

Genre: Comedy, Horror

From one of fans most beloved characters of the addams family, Wednesday Addams returns in this new netflix original. Following Wednesday as a high-schooler who one day finds her brother Pugsley tied up in a locker. Of course after figuring out who his bullies were, she attempts her own twisted punishment. This leads us to her parents Morticia and Gomez enrolling her in Nevermore Academy, a school for the outcasts in Jericho, Vermont.

Squid Games


Number of Episodes: 9 (S1) Sub & Dub

Genre: Survival, Drama

The popular Netflix South Korean show Squid Games has been a major hit around the world. Though sadly, we haven’t heard much news of its second season other than it being expected to release sometime in 2024. In case you haven’t seen it yet here’s a brief description, 456 players all in heavy financial debt risk their lives playing a series of death games for the chance to win $35 million US dollars.

Money Heist


Number of Episodes: 48 (S1-S5) Sub & Dub

Genre: Thriller, Drama

As its title suggests, Money Heist is a show following a group of robbers who attempt to carry out the most perfect robbery in spanish history. While locking themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain may sound crazy, the criminal mastermind known as “The Professor” leads his team to try and steal 2.4 billion euros. Also the dub here is done pretty well so you won’t feel too disconnected.

Alice in Borderland


Number of Episodes: 16 (S1-S2) Sub & Dub

Genre: Survival, Thriller

Ryohei Arisu an unemployed gamer with little to no luck, as well as his two friends are trapped in a parallel world. Here Ryohei and his friends are forced to play different deadly games in order to survive. Alice in Borderland is an thrilling experience with characters that you’ll see yourself both rooting for and against. Its second season has also just released on Netflix.

Stranger things


Number of Episodes: 34 (S1-S4)

Genre: Supernatural, Thriller

The worldwide hit show from Netflix, Stranger Things follows a group of kids in the fictional town of Hawkins. In this small town we see a number of strange occurrences, from secret experiments, a missing kid, and the discovery of a strange girl. However, these group of kids take it upon themselves to uncover the mysteries in their hometown. The last season is set to air in 2024.

The Witcher


Number of Episodes: 16 (S1-S2)

Genre: Fantasy, Drama

For many fans of both the novels and games of this series, The Witcher is a solid adaptation. While there are parts that may trouble some longtime fans, Henry Cavill does an amazing job bringing the character Geralt to life. However as a casual viewer, it can be more than just a solid show if you enjoyed what Game of Thrones did. Its 3rd season is also coming up later this summer 2023.

The Haunting of Hill House


Number of Episodes: 10 (S1)

Genre: Horror, Drama

Netflix hasn’t had real consistent success with its original horror shows, yet The Haunting of Hill of House marks one of them. Its plot centers around a troubled family who’ve been through traumatic experiences from their old home. Switching from past to present, we get to uncover the secrets behind their childhood trauma.



Number of Episodes: 44 (S1-S4)

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Ozark is a more grounded netflix show, as it follows Marty Byrde a financial advisor who after a money laundering scheme gone wrong with the mexican cartel makes a bigger offer. The offer is to make an even bigger laundering scheme at the Lake of the Ozarks in missouri. Because of this he ends up dragging his family from chicago to help with this business, which may prove to be a bigger problem.



Number of Episodes: 29 (S1-S3)

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Based on a novel of the same name(Honestly first time learning about this) YOU tells the story of a man named Joe Goldberg, who upon falling in love with someone appears to delve into a deep obsession with them. And with the new season underway, now is the best time to refresh your memory or start the show if you haven’t already.

While I know there are other Netflix originals that I haven’t mentioned yet, these are only some of my personal favorites over the years. So if you have any others you’d recommend please comment below. I’ll also be updating y’all here as we get more amazing shows in the future.

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