Hulu’s Best Original Shows to Watch Right Now


While personally I’m not a big fan of Hulu in general, I can’t deny that it does have a few gems in original shows too. Though, it hasn’t had as many big mainstream hits like HBO, Netflix or Prime. Even so, for me these are some of Hulu’s best original shows to watch right now.

Nine Perfect Strangers


Number of Episodes: 8 (S1)

Genre: Dark comedy, Drama

From author Liane Moriarty’s New York best seller, Nine Perfect Strangers is a drama series centered around of course nine strangers at a resort. Being city dwellers, the group arrive here to get away from the stress in their lives into a better way of living. However with the resorts director planning to reinvigorate their minds, they’re nowhere ready for what’s in store.



Number of Episodes: 8 (S1)

Genre: Drama

A show which tackles an important real life crisis, Dopesick tells the story behind America’s struggle with the opioid epidemic. Taking viewers through the Pharmaceutical and executives behind the OxyContin drug. As well as the DEA and the US Attorney who desperately were trying to indict those responsible.

Reservation Dogs


Number of Episodes: 18 (S1-S2)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, crime

When a group of four indigenous teenagers in rural oklahoma start to steal and save up for their dream destination. The place being the exotic land of the west, california. However, they’ll have to deal with meth heads and the tough rival gang standing in the way of their goal.

The Bear


Number of Episodes: 8 (S1)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Following a young chef from the fine dining world, Carmen or “carmy” returns home to chicago after the tragic suicide of his brother. In Chicago Carmy’s family sandwich shop is now his responsibility, even with it being far from what he’s originally used to. Though, Carmy will soon discover the struggles of a small business owner as well handling both his kitchen staff and family relationships.



Number of Episodes: 140 (S1-S10)

Genre: comedy, Sci-Fi

After a pizza delivery guy named fry gets accidently frozen, he wakes up 1000 years later in the future. Taken in by his only descendant, fry ends up joining this elderly scientist in his cargo delivery service. After running from the fact of being delivery guy for so long, fry finally accepts his destiny going on many adventures.

The Handmaid’s Tale


Number of Episodes: 56 (S1-S5)

Genre: Utopian/Dystopian Fiction, Drama

By far Hulu’s biggest hit in recent years, The Handmaid’s Tale is based off of another best selling novel, this time by author Margaret Atwood. It centers around Gilead a totalitarian society where women are treated as property of the state. With the addition of environmental disasters and a plummeting birth rate. The people force the few fertile women left into sexual servitude. One of these women named Offred, plans to survive while also finding her missing child taken from her at birth.

Only Murders in the Building


Number of Episodes: 20 (S1-S2)

Genre: comedy, Drama

When three strangers sharing an obsession with true crime end up in the middle of one what will they do? Turn to Sherlock Holmes themselves of course, as the trio set out to do their own investigation in their own apartment building. However, they soon realize that the killer may be living among them.

Now there’s clearly other great shows on here I haven’t mentioned, so please comment down below with your own suggestions. I’ll also be adding more shows here in the future as we get more excellent shows.