Where’s Leon at Now In Resident Evil?

After the fan favorite game of the franchise Resident Evil 4, we don’t see leon till the 6th installment. While we have had a couple of animated movies featuring leon kennedy; none have given us much information of his whereabouts during the Resident Evil Village game. Here we’ll be looking at all the evidence we have to see where’s leon at now in resident evil.

First we know there’s the upcoming animated movie Resident Evil Death Island, which is set to take place in 2015. Thus, placing it both two years after RE6 as well as two before the events of the 7th game. Previously we had the CGI film Resident Evil Vendetta, which we now know takes place a year before this upcoming death island film.


Here’s the official teaser trailer for the Resident Evil Death Island film that’s set to release sometime this summer.

If you want to know more information about what leon is up to these days, it’ll have to wait till later this year. Resident Evil Death Island doesn’t have an exact date yet; though you can stay notified here or on instagram for future news.